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About Us

What do we do?

What do we do? When it comes to smart energy, microgrid, electricity distribution networks, we mean business! Our own home-grown Advanced Distribution Management System (a.k.a PAHBAR ADMS), is the driving force of the power distribution network in our local region. Our ADMS has started by serving over 30k customers, and very soon it will reach over one million. And there will be us, and an entire network, whose every bit of operation depends on PAHBAR. Intrigued?

What don’t we do?

Break the trust of clients. Information liability, insecurity and long downtime are our three don’ts. Let that circuit be up and running!

Super Efficient

We do NOT waste time, and we are to the point!

Deeply Committed

Never shall we give up, or surrender!

Highly Skilled

Name the skill, and we have it, or find it, or learn it!